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Independent contractor agreement

Independent Contractor Agreement

Independent Contractor Agreements drafted or reviewed by our specialist lawyers

Independent Contractor Agreements are used by businesses when engaging outside expertise for a specific task or project. This could be an independent advisor, consultants, website builder, or a logo designer. The agreement will define all the business and payment terms in your arrangement with them.

Many contractors will present your business with their own contract (or Service Agreement) for you to sign. 

The key issues for any agreement to cover are:

  • The Services
    Specific details about what exactly will be provided. More details is better, however you will need to be careful that the work is not narrowly defined. Additionally you want to define key milestones for the project, hours of work, deliverables, delivery schedule.
  • Payment
    How much will be paid and when. What the method and frequency of payment will be.
  • Time Period
    Whether the services are needed on a one time / project basis, or on an ongoing (retainer) model.
  • Termination
    When the agreement will end, and what can constitute acts of termination.
  • Liability
    Issues of risk, and insurance. It is typically incumbent on the contractor to hold insurance and comply with any professional obligations for their industry.
  • Intellectual Property
    Confidentiality clauses are important in a contractor arrangement to help protect sensitive information of your business that the contractor may have access to.

If you would like assistance drafting an independent contractor agreement, or having your agreements reviewed by our lawyers, get in touch for an obligation-free quote.

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