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Questions You Should Ask When Choosing The Right Commercial Lawyer for Your Business

February 3, 2021   Philip Evangelou

Having the right commercial lawyer to represent your business is key to its success. Now, we know this can be an overwhelming process. Especially for smaller businesses that don’t have access to large amounts of resources.

These questions will help you in this process. They will help you find the right commercial lawyer to protect your business and take it to the next level.

What is the Vision for my Business?

It is important to consider what your vision is and what your business will look like in the future. The right commercial lawyer for you will help fulfil this vision and your business goals.

Now, you may not have the foresight to consider the legal issues that your business will face. But, having to deal with legal mistakes down the line can be catastrophic. 

And, a good commercial lawyer will be able to educate you and assist you in making the correct choices. Like where to invest your money, drawing up clear terms for your stakeholders, and keeping your business on the right side of the law.

Does this Commercial Lawyer have the Relevant Legal Expertise?

You also may not have an in-depth understanding of commercial law as a business owner. This is where your lawyer comes in. Luckily you don’t need to know much about the law to judge this. A good place to start is to find out what types of businesses they often represent or have represented in the past.

The commercial lawyer you are considering should have experience in relevant areas, too. So, a business owner in Sydney would be best served by a commercial lawyer in Sydney. This lawyer would have the right business law knowledge and skills for this specific market.

Consider if your business will be working with overseas interests or investors. The commercial lawyers you consider should have experience with the laws of these countries.

What Kind of Relationship am I Looking For?

This question will help you narrow down your options. It can be difficult to choose from the sheer volume of commercial lawyers and firms in Sydney.

Consider how hands-on you would like your commercial lawyer to be. If you need legal counsel to advise on general matters, you’ll be best served by a single lawyer or a small team. Big firms often work in this way.

Or, you might be looking to work closely with someone on matters more specific to your business. Then it can help to look for lawyers or small firms that specialise in offering this level of support.

Finding the right commercial lawyer for your business is essential. So, take advantage of consultations, as many are free, and do your research. Make sure to come equipped with the correct questions and knowledge to get the most out of these.

Whether you’re starting out or are already an established business owner, OpenLegal can help. We have all the resources to serve your business and find the right commercial lawyer in Sydney for you.

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phillipPhil is a director at OpenLegal. He has over 16 years experience working in private practice and in-house counsel in Sydney and London, giving him expertise in employment law, IP, finance, leases, dispute resolution, insurance and contracts.