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At Open Legal, our team of experienced construction lawyers specialises in resolving building disputes. With in-depth knowledge of the building and construction industry, we navigate building contract law with confidence.
Trust Open Legal for professional and friendly handling of your legal needs in commercial or residential building disputes. Our seasoned building and construction lawyer can provide exceptional service and favourable outcomes in construction law exclusively for you!

We take pride in providing personalised and practical advice, ensuring timely and cost-effective resolution of commercial or domestic building disputes. Whether it’s a simple disagreement or a complex issue, our building and construction lawyers work diligently to find tailored solutions for clients.

What Exactly Are Building Disputes?

Building disputes are conflicts and disagreements that commonly arise during construction and building projects. These disputes can cover a wide range of issues, such as building defects, construction delays, cost overruns, poor workmanship, contractual disputes, and property damage claims. 

Disputes in a construction project can occur at any stage, starting from the planning and design phase to the construction proper phases. Often, these disputes also involve several parties, including property owners, contractors, and suppliers.

What Exactly Are Building Disputes
The Role of Building Dispute Lawyers

The Role of Building Dispute Lawyers

Discrepancies in the interpretation of construction contracts are among the leading triggers for building disputes. These contracts detail project specifications, timelines, and financial arrangements. 

Building dispute lawyers are instrumental in meticulously examining and clarifying contract clauses, ensuring that their clients’ rights and obligations are protected. Their expertise in contract law minimises the risk of disputes stemming from ambiguous or misunderstood contractual terms.

How Our Building Dispute Experts Can Help You

Building disputes can be a major headache for either the builder, property owner, or supplier. At Open Legal, our team of building dispute experts can guide you through the legal processes involved in resolving disputes related to building work. 

You can rely on us for support at every point of the negotiation process or during litigation. Our approach is both professional and friendly, as we tirelessly work to provide legal representation and safeguard your rights throughout the entire duration of the transaction.

How Our Building Dispute Experts Can Help You

Why Choose Open Legal to Assist You With Building Disputes

Our deep understanding of the complexities that occur in construction disputes, along with our steadfast dedication to providing competent legal representation, ensures a successful resolution for our clients. 

We are dedicated to asserting for your best interests and have a staff of competent lawyers who are well-versed in every aspect of building disputes. Choose us for the following reasons:

Customised Legal Solutions for the Building Industry

Our building dispute lawyers are dedicated to providing tailored services that address the industry’s unique challenges. We adeptly navigate construction regulations to ensure strict compliance with all relevant laws, safeguarding your interests.

Expert Legal Advice With Transparent Costs

At Open Legal, we simplify the complexities of construction law, ensuring our clients have a clear grasp of the legal landscape. Transparency is central to our fee structures, providing you with complete clarity regarding costs.

Proven Excellence in Building and Construction

We have helped several clients in different aspects of building and construction law. Leveraging our extensive experience, we ensure you efficiently navigate the legal landscape to reach your construction goals.

Balancing Tradition and Innovation for Tailored Legal Solutions

We understand the importance of harmonising legal traditions with innovative approaches in building and construction. Our approach seamlessly integrates time-honoured legal practices with contemporary strategies, delivering top-tier legal services tailored to your specifications.

Our Comprehensive Building or Construction Law Services

At our law firm, we pride ourselves on providing only the most comprehensive and reliable building and construction law services. We understand that constructing a building can seem like an overwhelming and daunting process, which is why we aim to make our clients feel at ease every step of the way. 

Our extensive building or construction law services include:

  • Drafting Letters of Intent and Letters of Appointment
  • Drafting, Reviewing, and Negotiating Construction Contracts (including early works contracts)
  • Dealing With Contractual Disputes
  • Security of Payment Claims and Responding to Claims
  • Debt Recovery in the Construction Industry
  • Work Health and Safety Compliance
  • Complying With the National Construction Code
  • Property Transactions
  • Insurance Claims and Disputes
  • Home Building Act Advice and Compliance
  • AS4000 and AS 2124 Contracts
Our Comprehensive Building or Construction Law Services

Our Building Dispute Law Firm Locations

Open Legal’s presence extends to multiple key locations, including Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney, ensuring that our expertise in building dispute law is readily accessible to clients across Australia. Our strategic placement in these cities allows us to provide specialised building dispute legal services to a diverse range of clients.
Our Building Dispute Law Firm Locations

Brisbane Office 

Level 10, 95 North Quay
Brisbane QLD 4000

Melbourne Office

456 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne 3000

Sydney Office

Suite 2.01, 35 – 39 Liverpool Street
Sydney 2000

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