Where Do I Find My Tax File Number?

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Where Do I Find My Tax File Number?

May 14, 2021         Ryan Leaney

What is a Tax File Number?

Your Tax file number (also known as a TFN) is a 9-digit number, issued by the Australian Taxation office (ATO) for tax and superannuation purposes. You also use it if you are receiving government benefits or to apply for an Australian Business Number (ABN). You keep your TFN for life, even if you change your name, address or job.

So when you’ve lost such an important number, how do you find it again?

Follow the Paper Trail

Your TFN will be listed on the following documents:

  • Your income tax “notice of assessment” from a previous year.
  • Any correspondence sent to you from the ATO.
  • A payment summary from your employer.
  • An account statement from your superannuation fund.

The documents are not always easy to find, or you may need to find your TFN when you are out and about.

Finding you TFN online

You can find your TFN online if you have a myGov account and have connected your account with the ATO. Just click on the “Personal Details” tab under the “My Profile” menu.

Call 13 28 61 to find your TFN

If you can’t find your Tax Tile Number call the Australian Tax office on 13 28 61 or visit the ATO website.

The ATO will need to make certain that you are who you say you are before providing you with your TFN, so be ready to answer a few identifying questions. You may also be invited to record a short “voiceprint” if you haven’t already done so.

Keep your TFN safe

Be careful where you store your TFN number or any documentation which has it recorded. Your TFN is a very important number which can be used by another person for identity or tax fraud. Storing the number digitally might not always be 100% safe and be careful with whom you choose to share it with.

Unfortunately we cannot assist you with finding your Tax File number. However, if you need any other commercial legal advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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