OpenLegal is not a traditional law firm. We don’t bill by the hour, we love technology, and we move fast. Most of all, we are relentless in our quest to make legal accessible to everyone.

OpenLegal is a commercial law firm and technology company providing fast, transparent, and price-predictable professional services to Australia’s small businesses and startups.

We understand that traditional large law firms aren’t the best fit for emerging businesses. That’s why we have reimagined the way that legal services can be delivered, with our clients’ experience top of mind.

Modern business operates at a fast clip, with constant intersection between digital and off-line. Yet despite the importance of legal to running a successful business, the business model of the traditional law firm has not seen significant change in the last 100 years. The emerging businesses of today are used to technological innovation in just about every other industry, but are feeling the pain when it comes to engaging legal services.

With a modern client experience as our starting point, we are developing an approach with service and a technology platform for our legal professionals to address client needs responsively. We are rethinking how services are priced and packaged so that legal spend is clear, transparent, and predictable for startups and small businesses. We hire experienced business lawyers attuned to the needs of clients.

So at whatever stage of growth your business is at, we can provide the legal solutions and expertise to help your business thrive – minus the roadblocks.