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    OpenLegal: Your Trusted Partner for Sale of Business and Merger Transactions

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      What you need to know about buying or selling a business:

      Venturing into the realms of buying, selling, or merging businesses is a significant stride, fraught with intricate details and pivotal decisions. OpenLegal stands as your steadfast companion through this labyrinthine process, ensuring every step is taken with precision and confidence. Our seasoned solicitors at OpenLegal are dedicated to demystifying the complexities of M&A transactions, offering:

      How we help our clients

      High-Quality Legal Services

      Tailored for small, medium, and growing businesses

      Transparent Pricing

      Offering fixed-fee rates for cost-effective legal solutions

      Client-Centric Approach

      Innovating legal service delivery with a focus on client needs

      Comprehensive Expertise

      Covering the full range of Australian commercial law

      Navigating the strategic, commercial, and legal intricacies is our forte. With stakes high, including the livelihoods of individuals and the future of businesses, we comprehend the weight of each transaction.
      OpenLegal’s experienced lawyers provide cost-effective, efficient guidance, ensuring your journey from term sheet negotiation to due diligence, and from structuring advice to drafting the sale agreement, is smooth and successful.
      Our expertise lies in empowering founders, SMEs, and venture funds across diverse sectors to achieve their aspirations, be it a graceful exit or ambitious expansion. With OpenLegal, rest assured, your transaction will culminate with your rights intact and your commercial objectives accomplished.

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      We guarantee top-notch legal advice and documentation, clear communication, and full transparency on our professional fees. We prioritise client satisfaction, and if you’re not fully content with our services, we’ll aim to rectify the issue. Trust is the cornerstone of our service, and we’re dedicated to maintaining it with every client interaction.

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