Commercial Property

Be confident about your commercial property interests.

We can advise you on the sale and acquisition of commercial property (such as office, retail and industrial buildings), including drafting and negotiating contracts and any related licensing concerns to ensure your business can operate in your location of choice. 

Our lawyers can also assist both landlords and tenants in advising, negotiating and settling commercial leasing arrangements so that your best interests are legally protected. 

Particularly for our clients in the construction industry, our lawyers can assist you with leasing equipment and securing your interests under the PPSA.

If you require assistance with any of the services listed below or other commercial property concerns, please complete the form on this page for a quote or call us on 1300 337 997.

Common services 

  • Sale and purchase of commercial property including office and retail buildings
  • Commercial leasing for either landlords or tenants 
  • Equipment leasing
  • Due diligence and regulatory compliance related to commercial leasing
  • Registering securities on the Personal Properties Securities Register (PPSR) 
  • Advice and documentation of covenants, easements, licences and encroachments 
  • Advice related to liquor licences when selling/buying or leasing property
  • Contract drafting, review and negotiation