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Open Legal understands that navigating building and construction disputes can be overwhelming. That’s why our experienced construction lawyers in Sydney are here to guide you through the process.
With expertise in construction law, our building lawyers can handle various construction disputes, including contract interpretation discrepancies, construction industry security issues, or building defect claims.

We offer assistance in reviewing and negotiating building contracts, as well as ensuring regulatory compliance. At Open Legal, our skilled Sydney construction lawyers prioritise providing a seamless and stress-free experience for our clients. Trust us to assist you with all your building and construction needs!

What Is Building and Construction Law?

Building and construction law is a specialised legal field that oversees the complexities of the construction industry. It covers several aspects, including contractual agreements, local council development applications, environment court professional liability, and building safety regulations. 

This area of law plays a crucial role in ensuring the safe execution of a construction project while adhering to relevant rules and agreements. Whether you’re a contractor or property owner, it also provides a clear framework to resolve conflicts, protect interests, and facilitate the completion of any building contract or project.


How Can Building and Construction Solicitors Help?

When starting a building or construction project, it is essential to have the proper legal advice to prevent potential disputes and issues down the line. This is where the expertise of building and construction lawyers comes in. 

These expert Sydney construction lawyers can help navigate complex construction contracts and ensure your project is in compliance with all legal requirements. In addition, they can serve as mediators and assist both parties in resolving problems in the event of any contractual disagreements.

Most importantly, these professionals offer a strong foundation for your construction and engineering projects, ensuring that you remain knowledgeable and legally protected throughout the whole process.

Open Legal Is a Building and Construction Industry Authority in Sydney

Open Legal is a trusted authority in the building industry, offering expert legal advice and valuable insights to clients in Sydney and beyond. With a deep understanding of the complex legal issues within the construction and engineering industries, we provide legal solutions to guide clients through their building projects. 

From major infrastructure projects to residential developments, the construction lawyers Sydney team has the skills necessary for your success. Having experienced construction lawyers from Open Legal ensures that you get the best possible outcomes for your case.

Building and Construction Industry Authority in Sydney

Why Choose Us for Your Building and Construction Needs?

We understand the intricate nature of managing a building and construction dispute in the industry. That’s why we take pride in providing customised legal services to assist you in getting the support and advice you need. 

Our services include general construction legal advice and dispute resolution to ensure a comprehensive solution for your construction law needs. Here are some of the reasons why you should engage our services:

Tailored Legal Solutions for Building Projects in Sydney

Our experienced building lawyers in Sydney provide personalised legal solutions for both commercial and residential construction projects. We specialise in guiding you through the complex legal landscape of the Sydney region, ensuring compliance with laws and regulations.

Transparent Legal Guidance With Clear Costs

We are proud to provide transparent legal counsel to our clients in Sydney, with a clear and predictable cost structure. Our commitment to transparency empowers you to make informed decisions about your legal needs, avoiding unexpected financial challenges.

Proven Excellence in Building and Construction Legal Services

Our building lawyers have the expertise to handle legal complexities in construction. Whether you need help with contract negotiation, regulatory compliance, or any other aspect of your building projects in Sydney, our team is dedicated to providing practical solutions for your unique needs.

Balancing Tradition and Innovation in Legal Solutions

At Open Legal, we comprehend the unique dynamics of the construction industry in Sydney. Our building lawyers blend legal tradition with innovative approaches, ensuring your strategies align with established principles and the evolving construction law landscape in Sydney.

Our Extensive Building and Construction Law Services

A construction project is a significant undertaking. Our team of specialists is dedicated to ensuring the smooth operation and legal compliance of your project. We offer construction law-related services, providing professional guidance to our clients throughout the entire process.

Our broad range of building law services includes providing assistance in:

  • Drafting Letters of Intent and Letters of Appointment
  • Drafting, Reviewing and Negotiating Construction Contracts (including early works contracts)
  • Dealing With Contractual Disputes
  • Security of Payment Claims and Responding to Claims
  • Debt Recovery in the Construction Industry
  • Work Health and Safety Compliance
  • Complying With the National Construction Code
  • Property Transactions
  • Insurance Claims and Disputes
  • Home Building Act Advice and Compliance
  • AS4000 and as 2124 Contracts
Extensive Building and Construction

Our Building Law Firm Locations

Conveniently situated in the heart of Sydney, our office is located at Suite 2.01, 35-39 Liverpool Street. This central location serves as a strategic hub for our building law firm, allowing us to efficiently cater to the legal needs of our clients in Sydney and the surrounding regions.
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Aside from our Sydney office, we also have other locations:

Brisbane Office 

Level 10, 95 North Quay
Brisbane QLD 4000

Melbourne Office

456 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne 3000

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Unlock the full potential of your construction projects by reaching out to our specialist building lawyers in Sydney today. Our team is dedicated to providing tailored legal solutions that ensure your projects thrive within the intricate framework of construction law.

Whether you’re facing challenges with contracts, regulatory compliance, or any other legal aspect of your building endeavours, our experts are poised to guide you through. Contact us now to embark on a journey of legal excellence and construction project success!