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What is Commercial Litigation?

Commercial litigation is litigation (legal proceedings) involving commercial disputes. These trials are litigation between two or more parties that involve money, goods and services, but may also be solely based around a legal argument. Usually, litigation occurs when the two parties cannot find another way to reconcile the matter in question, leading to mediation, arbitration and, as a final recourse, litigation in the courts. 

 Typical commercial matters that get brought before courts include disputes over compliance with contracts, employment issues (including unfair dismissal), corporate governance, debt recovery, conflicts between landlords and tenants. In most cases, one party will decide the matter cannot be resolved other than by way of taking it to court for a judge to make a determination on.

 Commercial litigation matters can range in severity from financial concerns like compliance with contracts or corporate governance to more personal issues such as employment conflicts (e.g., unfair dismissal) or landlord/tenant disagreements over property use rights. While every matter is different, court hearings usually occur when one party decides the matter can’t be resolved without the determination of a judge.

Why Hire a Commercial Litigation Lawyer in Sydney?

A commercial litigation lawyer can help you navigate the court system, understand your legal obligations, and clarify your legal matter to achieve the best possible result. Commercial litigation can be complex, so having someone give you the expert advice you need is important. Our lawyers work closely with you to ensure you understand your litigation matter and ensure we’re working towards the best possible outcome. With your needs and goals at the centre of everything we do, we can often achieve better results, and faster. We manage disputes and litigation in a way that appropriately balances maintaining a relationship with the other side by acting aggressively or taking a more moderate approach depending on circumstances.

commercial litigation lawyer in sydney

Take the Best Course of Action

At first, litigation may seem like the best way to get what you want. But it can be costly and time-consuming if negotiations are handled poorly or ignored altogether. We always aim to prevent litigation, and the costs associated with it, where possible, through drafting contracts that take into account commercial objectives. However, we’re always ready as negotiators and litigators if required.

Our Commercial Litigation Services

We offer a comprehensive range of commercial litigation services designed to provide you with all the support you need to achieve the best possible result. We offer a range of general services as well as specialised services for unique needs.

As a commercial litigation lawyer in Sydney, our general services include:

Breach of Contract Disputes

Debt Recovery

Shareholder Disputes

Partnership Disputes

Employee Disputes

Franchising Disputes

Building and Construction Disputes

Corporate and Personal Bankruptcy & Insolvency

Competition & Consumer Law

Insurance Law Disputes

Banking and Finance Litigation

Leasing and property conflicts

Consumer claims (and product liability)

Personal Property Securities

Alternative dispute resolution including arbitration, conciliation, mediation

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A New Way to do Commercial Litigation

OpenLegal is changing the way legal services are delivered. We put you at the centre of everything we do, ensuring you get services that meet your needs and work towards your goals. With streamlined internal processes and open communication channels, our team is available to provide advice and legal support as needed.

We work closely with you throughout your litigation matter and beyond, clarifying legal jargon and helping you understand where you stand from a legal perspective. And with a fixed-price fee structure, you get the legal representation you need at a fair price.

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