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Franchising is a proven model for growth, whether you’re starting your own franchise or buying into an existing one. However, to succeed you need a robust legal foundation. Talk to a leading franchise lawyer in Melbourne today and set yourself up for success from the start.

Franchising is a growing industry and an incredibly popular way of structuring a business. It’s a form of licensing where the owner (the Franchisor) of a brand, or product or service attains distribution through dealers (Franchisees) who normally receive sole permission to run the franchise over a set geographic location. The Franchisor assists the Franchisee with marketing, branding, and operations.

Why Work With a Franchise Lawyer in Melbourne?

Little more than 20 years ago, franchising emerged as its own field of law. Today, it remains one of the most exciting and effective ways for businesses to succeed. It’s an excellent way to either turbocharge an existing business or to buy into a proven framework to start a business with reduced risk.

As a business owner, franchising allows you to leverage the strength of your brand and spread farther than you would be able to if operating solo, while only becoming slightly more complicated. Alternatively, buying into an existing franchise will allow you to run with a proven, successful business model and bypass many of the risks small businesses face on startup.

Regardless of your needs, a strong legal framework is essential to ensure you can manage every aspect of franchising and avoid legal issues in the future. Our team work closely with you throughout the process to ensure you understand your options and the overall situation and can achieve the results you’re looking for. With years of experience, OpenLegal can provide you with the legal advice and services you need to succeed now and in the long term.

General Franchise Law Services

Our franchise lawyers in Melbourne can provide you with assistance from whichever side of the arrangement you are coming from – franchisor or franchisee. Our services cover:

Drafting and reviewing Franchise disclosure documents
Drafting and reviewing Franchise agreements
Drafting instruction manuals
Ensuring compliance with the ‘Franchising Code’
Advice on breach notices arising from franchise agreements
Litigation for cases under the Competition and Consumer Act
Payments, including royalties and levies
Issues around selling franchises/businesses to third parties
Commercial leases

Legal Support For Franchisors

If you manage an existing franchise, we can assist you with compliance and ongoing legal assistance. If you are running a business and are considering franchising as an avenue to growth, you can speak with one of our lawyers about how the process could work for your business from a legal, operational, and financial point of view. With years of experience behind us, we understand the ins and outs of franchising and can help you to establish an initial framework that will give you the best chance at success.

Legal Support For Franchisees

If you are considering becoming a franchisee, our team can advise you on any questions you may have. We work with you to ensure you understand your legal matter and help you gain a clear perspective to make the process smoother and more considered. Whether you’re completely new to franchising or moving into a new agreement, our team will be there to ensure you’re not left in the dark when it comes to contracts, processes, licenses, leasing and more.

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We can arrange a consultation at our office or over the phone to discuss your franchising requirements. Our franchise lawyer in Melbourne will help you understand all of your options and work with you to decide which franchise arrangement is best for your business.

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