Get Professional Help from Franchise Lawyers

Navigating the complex world of franchising law requires the expertise of a seasoned franchise lawyer. These experts in the franchising sector should have a deep understanding of the franchising code and agreements.

Whether you’re a franchisor drafting a comprehensive franchise agreement or a franchisee seeking to understand your rights under Australian consumer law, you can count on our franchise lawyers to guide you through the entire process.

With our professional franchise consulting services, you can expect to have your franchise business interests protected and your decisions in the world of franchising well-informed. For this reason, you can rely on our specialists at Open Legal to be your reliable partner for all franchise law matters.

What Are Franchise Agreements?

Franchise agreements are contractual arrangements that legally bind franchisors and franchisees. Ideally, they should establish the conditions and terms governing the franchising relationship, outlining rights, responsibilities, and obligations under the franchising code of conduct.

These comprehensive agreements also cover various aspects such as intellectual property usage, operational guidelines, support and training, payment structure, marketing requirements, territorial rights, and the resolution of franchise disputes.

get professional help from franchise lawyers
franchise lawyers help you

How Can Franchise Lawyers Help You?

Franchise lawyers are essential in providing accurate legal advice and ensuring the proper preparation of crucial franchise documents. Whether you’re a franchisor expanding your network or a prospective master franchisee, their expertise ensures compliance with the franchising code and safeguards your business interests.

These professionals also work collaboratively with accounting firms and law firms to provide a comprehensive approach to your franchise documentation, ensuring its legality and compliance with Australian franchising law and regulations.

Choose Open Legal For All Your Franchising Law Needs

With specialised expertise in franchise law, our law firm offers tailored solutions for both franchisors and franchisees. We provide reliable legal advice, draft crucial documents, and ensure compliance with the Australian franchising rules.

Here are some of the reasons why you should work with us:

Navigating Franchise Law with Confidence

At Open Legal, we bring together a team of seasoned legal professionals with a profound understanding of franchise law. Our experts are adept in this specialised legal field, ensuring your franchising endeavours are conducted with confidence and compliance to the laws.

Client-Centric Partnership

For our team, your satisfaction with our services is a top priority. Embracing a client-centric approach, we tailor our strategies and actions to align with your goals, concerns, and preferences. Your needs steer the course of our partnership, ensuring a collaboration that truly serves you.

Seamless Transparent Communication

Transparent communication lies at the heart of a successful collaboration. Open Legal excels in maintaining open lines of communication. We keep you engaged, address your inquiries promptly, and ensure you’re continuously informed about developments in your franchising legal matters.

Tailored Solutions for Your Franchising Needs

Every franchising scenario is unique, and that’s where our tailored solutions come in. Whether you’re a franchisor looking to extend your network or a franchisee seeking clarification on your rights, our tailored approach ensures that your franchising goals are handled successfully.

Clear and Fixed Pricing Structure

At Open Legal, we value transparency. That’s why we offer fixed fees for our legal services, ensuring you know exactly what to expect from the outset. With no hidden surprises, you can focus on your legal needs with confidence and clarity, while we take care of the rest.

Our Wide Range of Franchise Law Services

Our wide range of franchise law services at Open Legal is designed to comprehensively address all aspects of your franchising needs. Our franchise lawyers assist franchisors with a variety of regulatory, compliance, and goal-oriented transactions, such as:

  • Drafting and reviewing franchise disclosure documents
  • Drafting and reviewing franchise agreements
  • Drafting instruction manuals
  • Ensuring compliance with the Franchising Code
  • Advice on breach notices arising from franchise agreements
  • Litigation for cases under the Competition and Consumer Act
  • Payments, including royalties and levies
  • Licences
  • Issues around selling franchises or businesses to third parties
  • Commercial leases
our wide range of franchise law services

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