joint venture agreement

Joint Venture Agreement

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A Joint Venture Agreement (also known as a Joint Undertaking) is a contract between two or more parties who want to conduct business together for a period of time. Typically both ventures have an equal stake in the operation, though this isn’t mandated.

A Joint Venture Agreement should not be confused with a Partnership. A Partnership is a document that defines the way two or more parties will operate a business together. In fact a Joint Venture Agreement will usually specifically state that the parties are not entering into a Partnership.

Our lawyers can draft or review a JV Agreement. We will look at issues including:

  • Business objectives
  • Profit sharing
  • Roles of parties
  • Liability
  • Assigning intellectual property
  • Defining performance indicators
  • Defining parties’ contributions
  • Termination

OpenLegal is experienced with drafting JV Agreements for businesses, startups, and individuals. Contact us for a quote via the form on this page or call 1300 337 997. 

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