The Australian employment law framework is complex.
We open it up for you.

The Australian employment law framework is complex, and navigating it can be a challenge. It’s not just initial employment contracts: there’s a whole world of policies and procedures, performance and behaviour management, performance reviews, staff training and even unfair dismissal claims.

Getting those things right is essential for any business, especially ones which are growing rapidly. At OpenLegal, we’re committed to providing fast legal solutions for businesses who need their lawyers to keep up with them. Our services span the entire employment lifecycle, from hiring and on-boarding to managing ongoing reviews and potential disputes. 

If your company is currently in the process of hiring, it’s important to be aware of the legal issues that can potentially arise when seeking, interviewing and selecting candidates – especially when it comes to discrimination law. 

Once you’ve chosen the perfect candidate, your contract must include important information such as the employment commencement date, the position, wage information including any bonuses or other benefits such as car allowance; leave, superannuation and so much more.

We understand that sometimes, things don’t go to plan. In order to soften the blow, we can help prepare, advise, and mediate grievances, long term absences, redundancies and performance management issues. And if either you or your employee decides it’s time for them to move on, we can help navigate a smooth termination process.

Common Services

We can assist you with:

  • Employment Contracts
  • Internship Contracts
  • Contractor / Subcontractor Agreements
  • Staff handbooks
  • HR Policy Compliance