A simpler way to engage legal services

We place pre-screened top quality lawyers into your in-house legal team or firm

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Select from a pool of top legal talent

We bring you pre-screened high quality lawyers. We've already conducted background reference checks.

Scale up or down as you need

Scale up or down in real time. Have access to legal talent based on your needs.

From short term engagements to longer term projects

Hire a lawyer for a day, or a team for a few months. Either way we can service your needs.

Transparent pricing

We charge a flat day rate for our lawyers with rates set by experience level. We take care of super, leave, as well as indemnity insurance, so you can budget with ease. No extra costs.

Say goodbye to…


Being understaffed when there's an overflow of legal work.


Having to wait weeks or months for new talent to join your team.


Screening, interviewing, background checking, and onboarding talent.


Not being able to fill all the knowledge and skill gaps in your legal team.


Your team may have a short-term increase in work and you need extra support to get the project done on time. We help you find the right talent quickly by providing high quality candidates that are pre-screened and are covered by our professional indemnity insurance.


What skill level can we access?

We offer you lawyers at 3 levels, defined as:
  • Junior Lawyer: 1 – 2 years professional experience
  • Mid-level Lawyer: 3 – 7 years experience
  • Senior Lawyer: 8+ years experience
In addition we have paralegals, and premium specialist senior lawyers. We will work with you to identify the experience level, as well as necessary experience needed for your projects.

What rates do you charge?

We charge a simple day rate, determined by skill level. Get in touch so we can provide you with a customised quote.

Is there a maximum time frame that we can place someone for?

There is no minimum. We rarely do placements for under 1 month, but it is possible to arrange.

Are the lawyers you place covered by your professional indemnity insurance?

Our lawyers come under OpenLegal’s professional indemnity insurance. One less thing for you to worry about or to pay for.

Can we get a team or only individual lawyers?

We can put together a team of lawyers / paralegals for you.

Can we place paralegals?

We have a team of amazing paralegals. Sometimes all you need is a high quality paralegal.

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