Debt Recovery

Debt recovery can be a daunting process. We are here to help.

Most businesses will need to recover debt at some point. Invoices will inevitably be left unpaid and business owners are often left in an awkward position where they are trying to navigate the waters so that they recover the debt and maintain the business relationship with the client. 

As a law firm, we charge a fixed fee for our debt recovery actions rather than a percentage based on what is recovered. We will also move to litigation if our letter of demand does not result in payment.

A number of steps can be pursued by lawyers to recover debt ranging from well-drafted letters to legal proceedings. This improves your business’ access to funds and could assist you in establishing strong and respectful business relationships. 

Depending on the circumstances, the amount of debt owed and the nature of the business relationship between the creditor and debtor, we can advise you on the best way to proceed and put it into action. 

If you require assistance with any of the listed services or other debt-related issues, please complete the form on this page for a quote or call us on 1300 337 997.

Common Services

  • Drafting or responding to initial with the debtor about payment
  • Drafting or responding to a letter of demand
  • Drafting or responding to a creditor’s statutory letter of demand (under s 459E of the Corporations Act) for debt’s above $2,000 where the debtor is a company
  • Legal services related to a debt recovery mediation
  • Drafting or responding to progress payment claims in the construction industry
  • Providing legal services throughout the adjudication process for recovering progress payments in the construction industry
  • Providing legal services throughout debt recovery proceedings
  • Bankruptcy proceedings 
  • Enforcing judgements