You set up the online store. We set up the legals to protect you.

Setting up an online store is easier than ever before. That being said, the legal challenges that e-commerce businesses face are more complex and less predictable than ever. This contradiction has led to many businesses setting up shop without a single legal protection in place. 

There are many reasons behind this, but most of the time, it’s simply a case of not knowing what’s needed to succeed. There are three main documents that are essential for any e-commerce business: sales terms and conditions, your website’s terms of use and a privacy policy.

Of course, if you collect any information relating to your customer for marketing purposes, you must ensure you’re complying with privacy laws. Consumers need to be fully aware of where their personal details are going, and consent to them being used for any purpose. 

A global mindset 

If you’re an online business, it’s likely that you’re serving customers from all around the world. A global business requires an understanding of global business law, and OpenLegal has got it covered. Our team understands global e-commerce law as it applies to local businesses, and can offer the best advice, no matter where your customers reside.

If any of your customers reside in the UK, for example, you’re now bound to abide by the new GDPR legislation. If you’re concerned about any of these obligations, or just want to be assured that you’re on the right track, the OpenLegal team are here to help.

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