Startup Lawyers

As a founder you have made the critical decision to manifest vision into reality.

The OpenLegal team work with startups at all stages of the startup journey, from formation to Capital raising rounds to high growth phases.

We understand that startups have unique legal needs, and want to partner with lawyers who understand the startup space and can keep up with the speed startups often move at. 

We’re able to help with all legal aspects of your startup from company structure, website terms and conditions, services agreements, founders agreements, employment contracts, to financing and equity structures. 

It is important for startups to have their legals properly organised, and having them sorted out early on will provide safety for your operation as things scale.

Business Structure

New operations should be set up correctly from the outset, and this starts with understanding different business structures (companies / trusts / operating companies, partnerships), and organising your startup to reflect not only where you are, but where you want to grow to.

Intellectual Property

Your IP is valuable. Maybe even the most valuable asset your startup possesses. And it needs to be adequately protected to avoid significant risks to your business. We will help you protect and commercialise your IP, including trademarking business and product names, patenting original inventions, registering designs, securing confidentiality amongst employees, clients and contractors, and drafting / reviewing IP licenses and assignments.

Capital Raising, Equity, Shareholders and Funding

Taking your startup from bootstrapping, to angel, then series funding rounds A – E involves significant risk and commitment (as well as opportunity!). It’s important to understand the way different funding approaches will impact the business operations and equity. There are different ways that funding can be structured (from equity splits, loans, SAFE notes, ESOPs etc). We can advise, protect, and record it all for you..

Founds, Partners and Employees

Arrangements between founding partners, employees, freelancers, and contractors need to be formalised as your team grows.


As your project goes to plan and your startup scales quickly, you’ll need to have the legals solidly in place. Let us deal with the legal side, while you get on with perfecting your big idea. Call us on 1300 337 997 or complete the form on this page, and let’s chat.

Common Services

We can assist you with: