As a founder you have made the critical decision to manifest vision into reality.

We understand that when you’re starting out, legal is not the first thing on your mind. Launching a business is stressful, and in the rush to get to market and find product / user fit, documenting all arrangements, and ensuring structures are in place may not be the highest priority. However having your legals sorted early on will provide safety for your operation as things scale.

The OpenLegal team can help make the seemingly confusing list of legal requirements a breeze. We’re able to help with everything from company structure to website terms and conditions, services agreements, founders agreements, employment contracts, to financing and equity structures. 

Business Structure

Any new business must get set up correctly from the very beginning, and this starts with understanding different business structures (company / trust / operating companies, partnerships), and organising your operation to reflect not only where you are, but where you want to grow to.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property needs to be adequately protected to avoid significant risks to your business – trademarking business and product names, patenting original inventions, securing confidentiality amongst employees, clients and contractors.

Equity, Shareholders and Funding

Financing a business involves significant risk and commitment. It’s important to understand the way that different funding approaches will impact the business and are documented correctly. Funding can involve angel investors, seed rounds, borrowing money, SAFE notes, as well as employee share schemes.

Partners and Employees

Arrangements between founding partners, employees, freelancers, and contractors need to be formalised as your team grows.


When your project goes to plan and your startup scales quickly, you’ll need to have the legals solidly in place. Let us deal with the legal side, while you get on with perfecting your big idea.

Common Services

We can assist you with: