Trade Marks

Trade Marks are complex.
But we love registering them and protecting your business.

In order to build, strengthen and grow a brand, that brand must be properly protected under copyright law. The best way to do that is through obtaining a trade mark. While this might be buried under a list of more seemingly-important tasks, a trade mark is one of the most important ways a company can protect their intellectual property. 

Did you know that even your brand’s colour scheme and sound logos can be protected under a trade mark? Any distinctive element should be protected, in order to keep it safe from those who might seek to damage it.

Open Legal can help advise you on whether or not to adopt a new brand, make applications both in Australia and overseas, and overcome any objections from trade mark examiners. We can also help respond to any trade mark oppositions, and make sure that your registration is kept up to date with any renewals.

Then there’s the important task of monitoring your trade mark, along with defending your rights and making sure than any infringements are dealt with. 

The Australian trade mark system is complex, requiring you to choose from IP Australia’s 45 classes, and conducting an exhaustive trade mark search, before you even start on the application. If you don’t have the time (or the energy), don’t worry, because we do.