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Qualified Commercial Lawyers

September 14, 2020   Daniel KatzPhilip Evangelou

Holding extended knowledge and experience pertaining to the corporate world, the commercial lawyers at OpenLegal can help your business. In particular, we offer expert and quality advice to ensure your business runs smoothly.

We have recognised that a key underlying reason relating to business failure relates to the inability to set adequate foundations. With this in mind, our commercial lawyers are here to ensure that these foundations are set for future success. From sole traders to trusts, we will sit with you to weigh up the pros and cons of your business plan, and help determine how best to maximise your success. 

Having dealt with the complexity of taxation law, we pride ourselves on simplifying the process. This stretches from our ability to simply register a Tax File Number, to interpreting the intricacies of relevant legislation.

As far as Commercial Lawyers go, we are immensely knowledgeable of the niche legislative and regulatory requirements in Australia. It is with that knowledge that we can assist you in achieving, and maximising, optimal business success.

For Start-ups

As an established start-up, OpenLegal has experienced first-hand, the highs and lows involved in this rapidly growing industry. Everyday we are told that traditional law firms do not understand the innovative environments that start-ups strive in. At OpenLegal, we will promote and foster such entrepreneurship and creative thinking.

In essence, we pride ourselves on meeting your unique needs. Adopting a NewLaw approach, we have worked with countless startups who have become dominant leaders in their respective markets. 

Our Franchise Business Lawyer Services

Our commercial lawyers offer high-quality legal services in relation to franchising. Whether you are a franchisor or a franchisee, we have helped countless Australian franchises in succeeding through these hard times. With first-hand expeirence, our commercial lawyers are experts in dealing with the complex issues involved in franchising.

Our services extend from drafting and reviewing Franchise disclosure documents and agreements, to helping you comply with franchising legislation. Whether you wish to start a franchise or are dealing with a client, our commercial lawyers can assist you with all your franchising needs. 

About Daniel Katz

Daniel KatzDaniel is a legal intern at OpenLegal, placed in our legal content team. He is currently studying a Bachelor of Laws at the University of Technology Sydney. Daniel's interest lies in economics and media/startup law.

About Philip Evangelou

phillipPhil is a director at OpenLegal. He has over 16 years experience working in private practice and in-house counsel in Sydney and London, giving him expertise in employment law, IP, finance, leases, dispute resolution, insurance and contracts.